Testimonials for Sandy Bastear

My goal is to provide such OUTSTANDING customer service that my clients will come back to me time and time again for future transactions.

Detailed below is a partial list of some of my many customers.   As you read through their testimonials, imagine yourself being one of my customers and being able to say similar things.

I look forward to providing you the same OUTSTANDING customer service I've given them. Remember, I want to be your realtor for life.

Sandy has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She was able to help us buy a house in a hot market while we were in another state. She knows the area well, and was able to tell us about locations, value, and whether or not we should make a special trip down to check out the house. Once we found a house, we left on vacation, and with us being out of town, she kept us constantly informed, helping us in making decisions throughout the buying process. Even as the house closed, she had contractors for us to meet on items that we had told her we were interested in enhancing. She has always been willing to go the extra mile. We would definitely recommend her to anyone we know who is either buying or selling a house.

—Shaun and Neena Conrad

Sandy Bastear is a TOP Notch Agent. After months of waiting for me to decide if I should sale my home, she successfully listed my house, sold, and closed within 6 weeks while handling all the paperwork.  It was the easiest transaction that I have ever taken part of.  I would refer Sandy to all my friends and family.  If you are looking for a hardworking, dedicated agent, then Sandy is the person to call

—Katie Cade

Expecting our 3rd child in a couple of months, we knew we needed a bigger house although we had some time to look around. On a whim, we decided to check out some open houses just to see what was out there. When we walked into the first house on our list we knew this was the house for us. Sandy was the listing agent for the house, and we talked briefly with her there. She seemed extremely nice. We mentioned we were thinking of selling our house, and she offered to come over to talk with us that same night.

When Sandy sat down with us, she gave us a very realistic picture of what the different neighborhoods in Folsom were like. We really wanted the house we saw earlier, and she told us that that neighborhood was one of the best in Folsom. We asked her what we needed to do to get that house, and she told us honestly. She presented us with very realistic comps of houses that were similar to ours on the market, and suggested a sensible asking price. She said she would list our house as well, but cautioned us: “Don’t list your house with me unless you want it to sell!” She was right!

We listed our house on Wednesday, her design stager came on Thursday to help us get ready, we had an open house that Saturday and had an offer on Saturday night! We were truly amazed, especially in this tough market. On Tuesday however, we got a call saying that the buyers backed out. Sandy jumped right back in the ring and got a bunch of realtors to come over that very afternoon to view the house. She set up more open houses for the following weekends. Because of our strong desire to get the other house she was listing, we asked her what more we should do to sell our house. We lowered the price when our competitors did, and got another offer the following weekend! When I told her that, being 7 1/2 months pregnant, I really wanted to be in a new house before the baby arrived she really took it to heart; from the time we saw the open house and put our house on the market to the time we moved into our dream house it took a little under a month!

Throughout the whole process of buying and selling, Sandy was in constant communication with us, something we valued very much as anxious buyers/sellers. She was always willing to stop by with paperwork, making the whole process easy on us (as easy as it can be!) I really don’t think she ever stopped working! We would get emails from her in the wee hours of the morning! She was very fair with both us and the sellers of the house we wanted, walking a fine line and wanting the best for each of us. We never felt like she was favoring either side and truly appreciated her honesty and integrity; we knew that if she was acting in the seller’s best interest for the house we wanted, she was absolutely doing the same for us selling our house. Even after the sale of our house and the purchase of our new house, Sandy keeps in communication with us, stopping by to see our girls and bringing presents for the new baby! She gave us numerous names of people to help with everything from house cleaning to pool cleaning. Sandy is competent, knowledgeable, full of integrity, extremely hard-working, and a wonderful person. She has become a good friend, and we would whole-heartily recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor.

—Brandy & Shauna Anderson

When we first decided to sell our house we simply wanted to ensure the transaction was handled fairly, honestly and professionally. As such, hiring Sandy was a no-brainer.

To our surprise though, navigating a home sale involved so much more. Numerous questions and uncertainties, along with some pretty involved emotions and fears, came up throughout the process. In these areas, Sandy truly excelled. She always listened to our questions with patience and understanding, explaining all situations to our full satisfaction…we never felt brushed-off…we always had clarity. When our fears and emotions about the sale would flair up (which I think is inevitable for everyone), Sandy was the picture of patience and compassion. And possibly most important of all, we knew that foremost in Sandy’s mind was handling the transaction correctly, as opposed to simply “closing the deal.” For us, this was critical.

We consider Sandy an utmost professional…we also consider her a friend.

—Jim and Lynn Emmick

We are absolutely thrilled with Sandy's services as our Realtor. We had worked with other Realtors in the past and know that Sandy went above and beyond simply helping us buy and sell our homes. She was very patient with and understanding of our long list of requirements and never pushed us to make a decision.

We value her as a warm, caring, and compassionate person with great integrity. Our double success in

finding and buying our new home and in quickly selling our old one testify to Sandy's business savvy, marketing skills and full commitment to her customers. Sandy helped us navigate the challenges of the real estate market and was always accessible on her cell phone without delay.

We are immensely impressed with Sandy and recommend her highly.

—Bruce and Andrea Ceniceros

Shelley and I just want to thank you again for all of your help and support in selling our home in Folsom. We were extremely pleased with your service and professional advice. You went above and beyond the call of duty on so many occasions, I don't think we could truly thank you enough. I am convinced that it was your approach, perspectives, and hard work that made the home sale possible.

We wish you every success in future endeavors and are more than happy to recommend you to anyone searching for a real estate professional to help them sell a home. I am confident that you would be equally helpful and valuable in a home purchase situation, and if our trails return us to Folsom, you can be sure that we will look for you!

—All the best for the future, Gary and Shelley Nuss

Sandy recently sold our home in Folsom. The process of selling one's home can without a doubt be associated with high levels of "STRESS". One of the most significant decisions in the selling process was choosing the right agent and also one who could relate to our needs as individual homeowner's. Securing the right agent was a top priority for us.

It was such a pleasure to have the stress factor greatly reduced by our selection of Sandy, as our agent. She truly excels in Communication, as well as, Service and Marketing. There was no customer assistant to screen our calls to Sandy. She went above and beyond what we expected from a realtor by providing "Super Service" and "Remarkable Results".

In the end, having the feeling that your agent is genuinely concerned about how well you make the transition between homes adds that much needed personal human element. If you are planning to buy or sale, and want everything to go smoothly we highly recommend Sandy.

—Sincerely,  Jose & Hazel Velez

Dear Potential Client of Sandy Bastear, 

The story I would like to share with you is 100% true and I share it because it is my desire to assist you in making the decision to utilize Sandy’s skills and talents for your real estate needs. Last spring my husband and I found ourselves in the Sacramento area as he was interviewing for a job. He had not been job seeking and so I had not done any research on the area whatsoever; we generally are fairly knowledgeable about real estate in California. After the interviews were completed and we were feeling more interested in the possibility of relocating our family, we asked someone to direct to us an area with trees so that we could explore. This person sent us to Folsom, so armed with a simple map and a little time we set out to have a look around. After driving through some neighborhoods we realized that we were coming up with more questions than answers. There was a lot we wanted to know but figured we would have to wait until we got back home or came back, then while driving down a residential block we saw a woman putting some real estate signs in her vehicle and I asked my husband to pull over. I asked this woman if she could give me a range of prices or general estimate of values on the block. This woman was Sandy Bastear and after a few minute chat she invited us into her home, gave us refreshment and pulled several listings off her computer. I thought that was amazing, but it was not all, she insisted on driving us to see them spending several hours with us (complete strangers) in the middle of a Saturday. Sandy answered each of our questions and showed us parks, schools, Folsom Lake and prison; we even stopped at the local Starbucks. It was immediately clear to us that this is a woman who loves her community and who invests in people. Sandy began to get to know our family on that day, to understand our potential needs, and when we got back home she remained ever available and consistent in offering information, sending listings, and lending an ear. One of the most remarkable aspects of Sandy is her work ethic, every single property that my husband and I were interested in, she had already seen, or if she had not she went within 24 hours to see it and take pictures of it to send. She never just relied on the mls information, she understood what we wanted and she could tell us if it was worth pursuing or not. So much so that the home that we eventually bought, she had sent us pictures of stating that we would love it, we could not see that from the pictures and almost overlooked it. When we saw it in person, we were sold. Sandy assisted us all of the time in every way throughout the purchase of our home. She is a competent and ethical agent who is set apart from others because of the investment and commitment to her clients. When the sale was finalized, I was completely satisfied and yet just like the day we met her, Sandy completely blew us away. Our home was arranged to be cleaned the day before we moved in, the day we drove into town I called Sandy to meet her at the house to get the keys only to discover that she had been at the house all day cleaning it herself. Turns out, the house did not meet her satisfaction and she knew that after a long drive with our three children we were not going to be able to do it ourselves. She knew I needed a clean house. Sandy could have called a service but she didn’t. Sandy is not afraid to get her hands dirty, when there is work to be done she drops everything and gets to it, and she does it because she cares for the people she works with. It is our belief that we were led to Sandy, she is remarkable and now that she is no longer our real estate agent, I am proud to call her Friend.

 —Good luck to you,  Cynthia and Karl Zierhut

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